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Having trouble exporting your products to Japan?

@What with language barriers and different business cultures from your own, you might have experienced unnecessary delays in processing and shipping orders to Japan.@We have served as a payment and importation medium for Japanese customers purchasing a variety of items available only outside Japan.@If an order received from your Japanese customer is on hold due to payment and delivery methods, please feel free to contact us.

Items previously imported to Japan with our service

Tara Systems / Embedded Wizard, Geditor, Geditor+Inserter, VBI-Recorder
Macraigor Systems Raven Emulator
Automex AMX530 with USB port

Computer accessories and parts, software
Stunnix C and C++ Obfuscator / Perl Obfuscator and Encoder / JavaScript Obfuscator / VBScript and ASP Obfuscator and Encoder
"/ web server for running php, python, tomcat, mysql, sqlite websites from CD and USB
i1,255 items handled up to April, 2010)

@ As an importer, we handle importation and foreign payment on your customersf behalf.@Technical support of your products to your customer is left to you, as currently we do not have specialists familiar with above-mentioned and/or related items.

@Please feel free to contact us, and let us seek the best solutions to your problems.

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We usually reply within 2 working days (except on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays).@If you do not receive our reply 2 days after you contact us, kindly resend your e-mail, fax the copy of your e-mail or call us during our business hours.@We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.